6 Cool Online Games Like Monopoly

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Games are a fun way to arouse curiosity among people and children specifically. But, there is one game which is the most famous and classic of all. Yes, we are talking about Monopoly here. Monopoly is one game that almost all of us have played while we were young and even continue to do so. It’s that one game that taught us so much about money and investing altogether. The online version of this game is also extremely popular among monopoly fans.
Monopoly, was initially launched as a board game, back in 1903, which later paved its way as an online game in the digital era. The creator of the game, Lizzie Magie, was an American anti-monopolist who through this game, explained the single tax theory of Henry George.

The online version of this game gives you a chance to play it with your friends and family even if you are miles and miles away from them. This is what made the online game Monopoly very popular among the masses. If you like Monopoly but are looking at something different to indulge in, don’t worry; your research ends here. We have come up with a list of interesting online games, which are just like our favourite, Monopoly.

Best Online Games Similar To Monopoly


Catan Online Game

Catan, previously known as the settlers of Catan, this board game was designed by Klaus Teuber, which later became a buzz online as it is now available to be played on the internet too. Players in this game take up the roles of settlers, and each of these settlers then attempts to build and develop holdings while acquiring resources and trading them. And as their settlements grow, the players gain points.

There is a fixed set of points. The first settler to reach that set of points wins the game. This game is quite similar to Monopoly. Catan can be played with friends by adding them to the friend list and setting up a custom match.

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2. Ticket to Ride

ticket to ride online game

The second most popular game on our list is the ticket to ride. Alan R. Moon designed this German-style board game. Due to the popularity of the board game, the online version of this game became an instant hit as soon as it was launched. This is a railway-themed game that two to four people can play. The game has a railway map based in the US and Canada, and the players are given four train cards and three destination cards. The players need to claim routes and move across the country before any other player does.

While it might sound relatively easy, you’ll find yourself running around hopelessly if you make one wrong move. And so, you have to make the right connections from one city to another to win the game. The popularity of this game has brought an online version of it, where friends and families can challenge each other. This application is extremely popular and top-rated as people love the online version of their favorite board game.

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dominion online game

This game has gained much more popularity during the pandemic itself. Just like Monopoly, dominion is a game where monarchs build a land empire. You are the monarch and the game’s boss, and you have to build an empire, a pleasant kingdom instead with lush green serenity and rivers.

However, several other of your rival monarchs has got the same idea, and that is why you have to acquire as much of the unused land as possible and build properties to be ahead of your competitors. The online version of the game can be enjoyed against real people or can be played against a computer. This classic game has been very popular and trendy online among people who wish to challenge themselves.

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4. Villagers

villagers online game

Villagers is an adventure game set in the aftermath of the medieval plague. This is more or less a village-building game wherein the players are given a hard-hit region, and they have to take it to the heights of prosperity. They have to choose the settlers to populate the community and give rise to socialization.

The players have to select the settlers very carefully because, ultimately, the village’s prosperity depends on them. And lastly, the one with the most prosperous village wins. Saving themselves from a volcanic eruption, villagers are now stranded on a mysterious island, making them take hard and tough decisions. This element of the game makes it extraordinarily fascinating and gripping.

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5.Pirate King 

pirate king online game

Pirate king is an extremely popular game, where all the players fight to become the Pirate King. They must smuggle cargo and move forward, capturing territories on their way while sailing in an attempt to become the pirate king and win the game.

It’s designed for two to four players. They also draw cards while playing the game, which introduces various rewards and shortcomings and twists and turns in the game, making it even more happening and fun to play.

When the players land on a particular territory, they must choose if they want to capture that territory or pay a docking fee. If the territory is already under somebody else’s control, they can even fight their rivals to obtain control over it.

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6. The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life board game

Hasbro’s classic board game, The game of life, can also be played online. This game is more or less like Monopoly, where players need to spin the wheel and move according to the wheel displays. The whole game is about collecting the most money, which makes the players win a game.

As the name suggests – this game takes players through the twists and turns of life. During the game, they get married, have children, start new businesses, buy new land, and even become millionaires. This thrilling game can be played with friends and family. The interactive game offers a great experience for all.

The online game features multiple options- online multiplayer, local play, local play, and minigames. This game also has a chat option, which enables you to chat with other players who are playing with you. This feature makes the game even more interactive and fun.

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It’s always great to try and hop on different online games rather than sticking to just one. These six online games mentioned above, just like Monopoly, will keep you super engaged, excite you, and thrill you! All of these can be played with family and friends, even if you’re a hundred kilometers away from them!

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