7 Cool Board Games for Blokus Fans

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With the advent of digitalization, the essence of games seems to be lost somewhere. More
or less, social media and mobile games have now been doing the rounds for almost
everyone, including the little ones. While once, there was a time when the whole family
would get together to play board games. While we are reminiscing old times and classic
board games,  Blokus  is our all-time favorite.

Designed by the French mathematician Bernard Tavitian, Blokus is a strategic board game
that came out in the year 2000. The game can be played by up to two to four players at
once, where the players have to occupy most of the board’s space with their colored pieces.
Blokus is quite popular and amusing because it requires you to apply an abstract strategy to
win the game. It’s all popular among the kids because it’s colorful, and it rather makes them
curious to learn strategies very well.

The pandemic has brought back this old culture, where families used to play games
together, and so, we have rounded up some of our all-time favorite board games that cover
almost every popular category. Some of these are perfect for one player, and some are
meant for two, while many of these can be played with your family altogether. And the best
part is that these board games have been around for ages and are all fun to play. Moreover,
these games are fun-filled and exciting for all the family nights, where you just want to have
some fun with your family.

List of board games similar to Blokus

1.Ticket to Ride: Europe

Ticket to Ride: Europe Board games

This Railway-themed board game is quite similar to Blokus. This two to five-player game was
designed by Alan R. Moon, and while there are many versions of it, the Europe edition is
based in Paris to Edinburgh and Moscow to Lisbon. The players compete with their rivals to
make their way across the country while making the right connections between the
destinations to reach their goals.

2.Drop it

Drop it board game

This two or 4-player game was designed by Bernhad Lach, where players drop their pieces
turn by turn on the board. It’s a vertical transparent board on which colorful pieces of
different shapes are dropped. But hey, watch out, because if your piece lands on another
piece of the exact same color and shape, you lose! To score a point, you need to drop your
pieces on the point-scoring positions on the board. 


Pente Board Games

Another old-school classic entering this list is Pente. If you’re someone from the 80s, we bet
you must have played this classic before, and that’s what makes Pente unique; it has stood
with time.

This game was designed by Tom Braunlich and Gary Gabrel. This two to four-
the player game has pretty simple rules – either you get five of your pieces in a row on the 19 by 1 9 board, or else you have got to capture five of your opponent’s pieces. Well, it sounds
simple, right? 

4.NMBR 9

NMBR 9 Board games

One to four players can play this fun and amusing game at a time. Designed by Peter
Wichmann, the game comprises tiles numbered from 0 to 9, and each one has a unique
shape. For every round you play, a card is drawn out, which decides what number of tiles
should be placed.

All the players must ensure that when the tile is placed, it should touch
sides with the already placed one. However, to score a point, the players need to stack the
tiles. The tiles on the Level 1 are scored zero, and after that, the score is multiplied by the
level they are on.


Patchwork Board Games

Designed by Uwe Rosenberg, Patchwork is a popular two-player game that you should
definitely try if looking for games like Blokus. Under this game, the pieces are set in a circle,
and the participants are allowed to move the player token clockwise for up to three spaces
and choose a tile accordingly.

Slowly and steadily, all the players fill up their ‘quilt patch’ board by scoring ‘buttons.’ One thing to remember is that all players will lose points for any unfilled spaces on the board. In order to win the game over your competitor, you must create the highest-scoring quilt. 


Rumis  Board Games

Rumis is a fun 2-4 player game that is quite similar to Blokus. Players are provided with
block pieces that will be placed on the board in the spots where they have other pieces of
the same color. The pieces come in various shapes that can be piled up so that each game
you will create has a different tower.

The game would simply not last till the time no player can play a piece, after which points would be given for the number of pieces that are seen in the finished structure. For those who like to challenge themselves they can also try Rumi’s other variety of rules which are a bit complicated yet fun!

7. Cathedral 

Cathedral  Board Games

Cathedral is a quick, easy and simple game, and that’s actually the reason why this game has
stood up this long in the market. This game has wooden block pieces, which look like a
building of 2 different colors.

Generally, the first player would place the cathedral and is followed by other players who will place the pieces turn by turn on it. It allows players to remove the opponent’s pieces by removing them from the board. Once all of the players are removed, you can count how many square feet of pieces are left on the board. The player with the least pieces wins the game.

These games are extremely easy to play on family game nights, offering both competition
and easy gaming strategy for the long-time gamers of the family. If you are searching for
fun and exciting games like Blokus, the above-mentioned games have plenty of new favorites. So, now it’s your time to make your family nights more entertaining by playing
these fun and interesting games with your loved ones.

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