7 Creative Board Games for Engineering Aspirants

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Board games for engineers are not something entirely unimaginable. The gaming makes the learning of application aspects of all subjects easy, and Engineering is not an exception either.

Engineering is not all and only about struggling with complex calculations and taking loads of tests.

Engineering enthusiasts love playing with practical ideas and look for premises where they can demonstrate their expertise too.

Board games recommended for engineers offer that playful resource. Interestingly, the board games are designed to attract and engage people from all popular engineering streams such as civil, mechanical, software, chemical, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the engineers’ choice board games that are filled with fun, strategic planning, and a lot of concept applying.

Best Board Games for Engineering Aspirants

1. DIY Construction Engineering Building Blocks 

DIY Construction Engineering Building Blocks

A child’s fascination with screws and nuts can be put to application with this Electric Drill Screw Set. The game engaged both the kids and adults. Various shapes are provided in this game, using which the players can create patterns on the board by joining them with screws, fastener, and the drill machine.

A very engaging game that gives ample practice with mechanical engineering basic tools. The engineer in you is sure to feel satiated by the challenges this game offers. As a parent, you can engage your children in a constructive activity that also develops their motor skills, coordination capabilities, and offers to learn about teamwork. Those in the Engineering profession can revisit their old school learning days and have a gala time building patterns and designs, and work up their brain in the process.

2. Dungeons and Dragons D&D DND Pathfinder

Hexers Spell Effects Damage AOE Template, Dungeons and Dragons D&D DND Pathfinder RPG Compatible, templates for Line Cone Square or Circle Spells, converts inches to in Game feet

The designing of routes, elements to be used en route is one of the prime activities a civil engineer does. Engineers need to be thorough with measurements, construction models, and designing elements to bring ideas into form. This board game for engineering is giving the finest pretext to brush up the designing work.

With the support like unit conversions comprising of inches to feet, and so on, the designers can brush up their measurement skills. This board game also enables storing the design as the ink does not get smudged due to the kind of material employed. Thus, you can draw, re-draw, think, and re-develop designs till you are satisfied with your creation.

3. Tapestry – A Civilization Building Stonemaier Game

Tapestry Board Game - A Civilization Building Stonemaier Game with 18 Painted Landmark Miniatures

Engineering’s various fields work in unison to develop the infrastructure of a city. Tapestry traverses through the path of city planning and allows engineering enthusiasts to put their minds into a civilization development. This board game for Engineers opens the mind to absorb and try new development ideas.

It also allows the players to think of ways to bring stability and sustainability to the structures and have a model that stands out in the delivery of ideas. This game, in combination with a Biology game Wingspan, allows players to apply Engineering for creating the most sustainable township ideas on board.

4. Scythe Board Game – An Engine-Building, Area Control Stonemaier Game 

Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control Stonemaier Game

Scythe involves building mechanics, construction principles, and material use intelligence, which makes this board game a perfect platform for demonstrating Engineering skills. The backdrop of capitalist city-state closing the doors to other neighboring territories is used to enable the players to come with a plan that can make the city self-sustained.

How Engineering can be used for energy planning, building designs, roads construction, etc. can be understood better with a few rounds of this game. Further, you can experiment with ideas by implementing various strategies in different rounds.

5. Forbidden Sky – The Cooperative Strategy Survival Rocket Building Board Game

Forbidden Sky – The Cooperative Strategy Survival Rocket Building Board Game

Act of balancing, rocket building, escape strategy from electrocution likely to fall from a lightning storm – there is all that an engineer needs to have that adrenaline rush. Engineers can work much better when their strategies are in place, team working together, and principles well-developed.

This board game for Engineering offers the best setting to employ all these skills. It also ingrains the germs for constructing, strategizing, and planning in kids from an early age. The Forbidden Sky forms an engaging platform and serves as a teaching tool also when you choose to develop the engineering skills of children at home.

6. ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game 

ThinkFun Clue Master Logic Game and STEM Toy - Teaches Critical Thinking Skills Through Fun Gameplay

Coding and software engineering go hand in hand. Codemaster Board Game for Software Engineers employs the concepts of decision making, logical gates, deductive strategy, and so on. With the help of these characteristics, the players can put their programming skills to test and achieve the targets of the game.

This board game, through fun gameplay, teaches the coding’s logic through gamification. The excitement of seeing the bookish concepts coming to action draws software engineers easily to this board game. By playing this game, bond with your code genie better, and also visit the coding days where it all actually started for you.

7. ThinkFun Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game

ThinkFun Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game

Cybersecurity is the cry of the hour. The code genies are needed to read the hacker’s mind and stay a step ahead of their strategies. Hacker is a wonderful cybersecurity board game that gives a practical overview of the use of hacking components used by the miscreants of the cyber world.

Code languages and account locking mechanisms, and several other features give this engineering board game players a true feel of hacking and helps build their logical reasoning and planning skills. The use of control panel, game grid as tools and challenges serve as good practice material for the hacking enthusiasts.

Benefits of Playing Board Games for Engineering

Board games have emerged as a favorite timepass for gaming enthusiasts. The world around us is already struggling to look for alternatives that help reduce gadgets’ addiction. Board games allow the players to reduce their screen time and also add gamification factor to the processes that Engineers apply on a daily basis in their works. Those board games designed for the kids help them recognize their engineering germs and explore them further as their branch of study. Board games for engineering equip the engineers with:

  • Enhanced logical reasoning skills
  • Strong spatial awareness and reasoning
  • Fluency in problem-solving
  • Promote experiential learning
  • Better learning retention and concept recall/application

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