7 Quality Classic Board Games for 2 Players

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‘We are just enough for each other’ – if a couple thinks on these lines, it is because they have a lot to do together. Playing board games is a classic choice that allows two people to spend quality time with one another. Sometimes, you challenge the opponent, even work as a team at others, depending upon the kind of gameplay designed. Whatever the situation is, the board games for 2 people have a classic appeal; these simply refuse to lose their captivating capabilities and age like a fine wine.

Why the classic board games for two are quality timepass material?

Listed here are some of the reasons why the board games for two people are a highly recommended activity.

  • Board games for 2 persons are ageless classics; if not the original version, the classic gameplay continues to inspire the play method and keeps its fun quotient intact.
  • The board games can work as amazing icebreakers when two people are teaming up for the first time
  • The board games can help find compatibility and thinking abilities of the partner. 2 people can discover an uncommon talent in one another by playing these games
  • For couples living together for years, these make a perfect weekend or fun hour activity. These keep them entertained and reduce dependence on the mobile phone for entertainment
  • When a child is on the other side, two players can achieve learning in a strategy-focused manner.

All these pluses about the board games for two people must have compelled you to go through your classic collection. If you want newer takes on the classic board games, we suggest you go through this list below.

Fun-filled board games for 2 players

1. Battleship


Battleship is a trip back to childhood’s memory lane. Making moves with smartly thought strategies is the core of the gameplay; the aim is to take over the opponent’s bases. The players assess each other’s moves, on reaching the shotable range, they declare that they are taking a shot. Its gameplay is designed so that two people can know how the other person tends to think.

This board game can be played between adults and kids. This version is the modern take on the classic Battleship naval combat board game where the players stayed on the prowl and took a shot after forcing the opponent to come out of secured range. Such is the way players design their moves. This board game is a perfect way for parents to build a bond with the child and assess his survival strategies. Couples can use this classic board game for building better partnerships.

2. Stratego


Stratego is a classic strategy board game where two players combat head-on and capture the opponent’s flag first. The classic version was played with plain pawns, and players needed to put their stickers. In the newer version, self-designed pawns have replaced the stickers, making it ready to play.

This classic board game may remind you of chess; however, the rules are different, and so are the pawns’ roles. The players need to display their leadership skills in commanding the army. With the correct movement strategy of pawns, the attack is planned, and the way to the flag is created.

This board game for 2 players can be abandoned in between and resumed later. Thus, its continuous gameplay makes it a perfect option to do an activity together whenever time permits. Also, it is an inter-generational play. So, give your kids a glimpse of your childhood and help them grow smarter with the mental workout this board game for 2 players offers.

3. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

An exciting trip to North American cities while claiming them to be yours allows two players to go on an imaginary trip without moving an inch from their seats! This classic board game requires two players to grab as many city cards as possible to have more wealth to their name. The game does not stop at capturing the city cards only; the train cards are also to be won to build the routes among the cities.

The better the route is, the more points the players win. This game offers classic entertainment to the two players by indulging them in planning, strategizing, making decisions and also observing the opponents’ moves. The best utility of this game lies in checking compatibility between two players, and also in assessing their strategy styles. The game can be given to play in formal settings as a part of corporate training. It works awesome as an ice-breaker for couple too.

4. Guess Who

Guess Who

A little similar to Dumb Charades, Guess Who is a game of guessing the person from the clues provided by the opponent. Both players have a set of photographs or face cards and they share a common deck of mystery cards too.

A player picks the face card and the other person asks the questions that are NOT the features of that person. Thus, by the power of deductive reasoning, the player can guess the right answer. It is a classic board game that requires players to be aware of personalities from various fields.

Truly a classic, this board game can keep two people busy for hours. And, by making some changes in gameplay, one can create more guessing games from this whenever the tabletop settings are not available.

5. Carcassonne Game (New Edition)

Carcassonne Game (New Edition)

Play with the opponent as a team to complete the tiles’ board, or destroy his plans by creating obstacles or claiming land in between. Both ways, this board game is a classic entertainer that 2 players can indulge on any Friday night or in free time.

It is an engaging board game that utilizes your strategizing skills. The gameplay will become more exciting with the new river expansion and The Abbott expansion included in the modified version of the classic board game.

Ruling the boards for about 30 years now, this game has earned a place among corporate training materials due to the way it helps find compatibility among players. The test of mental reasoning, teamwork skills, and interpersonal compatibility becomes easy with this tabletop entertainer.

6. Cribbage


Combine the fun of card and board game in this strategy-focused board game for two. This classic board game is full of exciting moments, involves strategizing so that the player gets to move pegs to as many holes as possible.

This classic board game was originally named ‘Noddy’, and a filthy rich English poet Sir John Suckling is credited with its invention. Two players need to strategize to ensure that one of them reaches a total of 121 points. There are certain milestones like 31 points, which create the moment called ‘Go’, that coincides with the moving of peg on board.

Very amusing and full of fun moments, two players can have the best time spent indulging in this game. Truly an entertainer, this classic board game can take the couples back to their scheming days. A bonus of knowing each other’s mind helps two persons come closer and break the ice.

7. Quarto


A funky reminder of Tic Tac Toe, Quarto comes with a twist! Here, the players are not picking their blocks themselves. The opponent gives them the color-coded blocks to put on the slots given on the board. The aim is to place the same colored blocks so that these appear in a sequence.

Opponent poses a challenge by changing the block color as and when required to stop the player on another side from completing the sequence. Thus, there is a lot of thinking, strategizing, and challenging of mind involved in this classic board game for two.

You can play as many rounds as desired to pass the free time in a jovial manner. This classic board game is liked because of its strategy-driven gameplay. Further, the fact that the players try to outsmart each other by giving different colored blocks to interrupt the sequence gives lot many moments of pulling one another’s leg. Truly a fun ride for two!

Wrapping up,

Board games are a perfect entertainment option for two people, especially when they want to go back to old school fun. These games make a fun hour more amusing and offer an engaging way to learn to strategize like a team. Also, these work as a perfect ice-breaker. When video games cease to appeal to you or become monotonous, these board games come as a breeze and freshen up your mind.

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