8 Cool Cooking Board Games for Little Learners

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Perhaps, cooking is the only daily chore that is called an ‘art’. So, if you are one of those enthusiasts who have a special liking for cooking, food, or about making tasteful presentations of the dishes, you may want to show off your talent through a tabletop game too. The cooking board games use the kitchen, dishes, or foods, or food parties as a theme. These can be played anywhere, anytime and are the perfect premise where you can boast your culinary knowledge and win scores big way.

Why cooking board games have risen to current fame?

Cooking board games are designed to offer both educational and entertaining tools for kids and adults, respectively. These come with the advantages that have made them a must-have for the users’ collection of learning tools:

  • Offer an unusual backdrop of food and cooking methods that entice one and all, and include a lot of strategizing too.
  • Prepare the learners’ minds to know about sequencing, which is very important for making the perfect recipe. This need for adherence to the recipe steps inculcates the skill of instruction following and pattern intelligence.
  • These games offer a delightful pretext to family members to come closer to each other and develop bonding and teamwork.
  • Can give an insight over the use of appliances, their functions, and the role of each ingredient used for cooking different recipes; if you are a cooking geek, you can brush up your cooking skills and get a better grip over your knowledge.

Aren’t these reasons for the cooking board games popularity driving you to search for the ones worthy of adding to your collection? So, read on to find the most popular ones, which might have missed your radar!

Find here some of the most engaging cooking board games that can help you have fun out of your knowledge and passion for food and cooking.

8 Interesting Board games for cooking enthusiasts

1. Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game

This is an interesting card game where the Sushi forms the theme. This cooking board game serves your entertainment needs the best and the most engaging way. The players are dealt the cards equally, then they pick the card and pass or keep as per the instructions provided. Wasabi, dumplings, and other food items prepared in a Sushi restaurant are used to create the point cards and hint cards.

It is a quick pass the card game that ends with a winner who has won the highest points and the highest number of cards. Visual discrimination, high thinking ability, and discretion power are the interesting outcomes players achieve from this board game based on food and cooking themes.

2. Fotorama Burger Mania Sizzling Build-A-Burger Game

Fotorama Burger Mania Sizzling Build-A-Burger Game

Burgers and kids are inseparable. Interestingly, the burger joints follow the rule of the open kitchen and let their customers see the burger coming to the final form right in their front of the eyes. So, let your imagination and memory recall come to play and prepare the burgers the fastest using a conveyor belt set.

This game is quite an interesting way of building a bond with your kids from the age of six and above. You can get into the competition with them or assist them in building their burger using the steps strategically so as to put together the burger the fastest possible. It is an ideal tabletop game for memory sharpening, learning sequencing, and fine motor skills. Dexterity enhancement offers the bonus outcome which your kid will relish all his life.

3. Educational Insights Pancake Pile-Up!

Educational Insights Pancake Pile-Up!

Pile-up the pancake is a racing game that kids can play at the tabletop as well as outdoors. In the indoor setting, you can give the materials to each kid and put the stacking point in the middle of the tabletop. Now, kids race up to put the materials in the given sequence according to the order card that they have picked.

The process is completed by putting a dollop of butter at the top to mark the completion. This is an interesting fun game that parents can also participate in and make the games time the ultimate hour for the kids and themselves. Kids learn to sequence in the process and you can also revisit your pancake making intelligence to win some brownie points in the game.

4. Cupcake party game

 Cupcake party game

What a sugary, sweet way to have a party time! This cooking game comes with 40 cupcakes to make. There is a recipe card deck provided. The kids shuffle the card, pick their recipe cards to flip over, and find the challenge. Further, they race to make the cupcakes as many as possible in the time frame set by a timer. As the timer snoozes, it coincides with the party time and everybody boasts the number of cupcakes they made.

It is one of the finest cooking board games where children can develop sequencing and pattern identification skills and learn to follow instructions. Their knowledge of food and making process increases, which can be a great skill to acquire for future life. Adults also can participate in the game and can challenge each other while brushing up their cooking skills in the process.

5. Morels

Morels board game

Now, this is the game that includes strategy, quick thinking, the tricky pick of cards, and obviously, the mushrooms at the core of the gameplay. The player plays a morel collector in the game. The task is to pick the morels of the best varieties and find the best ways to earn maximum from selling them in the most rewarding of ways.

All your earning potential is determined by the type of card you pick from the deck. You will find a day time deck and a nighttime deck, both provided with the options for cooking or selling. It is the cooking with a sizzling butter that can be your ticket to win this game. A hand-size limit and the choice of poisonous mushroom add to the trick factor of this game, making it more entertaining. A perfect way to spend a weekend with friends or with kids, it fits people from all age groups!

6. Belcher Family Food Fight Board Game 

Bob's Burger Belcher Family Food Fight Board Game

This board game for cooking lovers have something very interesting to offer to foodies, and that is, the challenge to clean the plate the fastest. With the help of two dice, instruction cards that come the players’ way, and strategy, this fun-filled game makes you the winner if you have passed on all the contents of your plate to the players on the right and left of your side.

Given the limited time to think and act, you can actually feel similar to what you would have done when you are just dumping the food from your plate into other people at a party, to make all this sound funny. This food fight game is real fun and provides uncountable moments of fun, laughter as well as challenge!

7. Hasty Baker Card Game – Fun Family Game for Kids and Adults

Hasty Baker Card Game - Fun Family Game for Kids and Adults

Bake in a haste, but without ruining the taste – this line best describes this racing game using cards that instruct you to finish your recipe the fastest. The competitive feel of the fastest baker competition comes alive in this board game for cooking enthusiasts.

The players use strategy to steal the recipe cards from other players, learn to gather the contents required to make the recipe before others, and set up the process to ensure that their recipe reaches the presentation stage the soonest. It is an ideal game for both adults and kids and offers tons of moments to fight for survival and of glory to enjoy!

8. Funko Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Card Game

Funko Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Card Game

A perfect game to play for pop-tart lovers. This board game for cooking aficionados has all that you need to relive your cooking time in the kitchen. You are provided with a toaster card and a freezer card that may speed up or slow down the preparation process leading to delay or quickness in eating all prepared pop tarts.

A racing game to find whether there are chances of seeing frozen food win over the toasted food, the winner having 30 points in hand gets to know the answer to this question. A strategy game to achieve maximum eating of pop tarts, this cooking board game is an absolutely fun way to offer to the family members who want to do something exciting and funny any weekend.

To conclude,

Cooking is a lot more fun when you have your heart and mind into it. When you want to brand yourself as an absolute foodie and a great learner of cooking methods, you can show off your love for the food side with these board games. These board games for cooking lovers combine fun, strategy, time-keeping and intelligence together to create a perfect recipe of entertainment for you and your family.

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