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About 36clues.com

36clues.com.com aims to provide info, guide, Wiki, and practical advice on some of the best educational and lifestyle board games.

Who we are

We are a bunch of education and lifestyle enthusiasts who strive to offer the people of all ages the fun way of learning about the things that make our ecosystem.

We strongly believe that education plays the most important role in being able to appreciate things around us. However, due to various obligations or sometimes, lack of time, the learning takes a backseat.

By sharing knowledge about playful ways of learning basics as well as advanced topics that somehow get missed or remain unexplored, we aim to acquaint people from all walks of life with interesting tools like board games to acquire or brush up their knowledge.

How 36Clues is going to help?

With the help of our board game curators, online researchers, and review experts, we, at 36Clues, bring to you a storehouse of knowledge about board games, and other learning resources. We are constantly working to provide you the information backed by research on various learning-focused tools such as education and lifestyle board games which you must consider to enhance or enrich your thinking.

The present times belong to the jack of all trades! You are expected to don different hats like that of a family person, an office goer, an entertaining host, among various others. To have this multi-faceted personality, you need to acquire learning or stay updated about the latest trends or have information about all fields. Our site is designed to provide you that Wiki, which is sure to become your first reference point for learning, but by exploring the fun ways of doing so.

Play, experiment, practice, and share

We are here to keep you abreast of all possible ways to educate yourself and use knowledge to give your lifestyle a conscious and responsible makeover.

Happy Learning!

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