Ark Nova: How To Get Conservation Points

ark nova board game

Ark Nova is a strategic board game designed by game designer Mathias Wigge in 2021. It is designed to be played by four people. In this game, players are required to plan and design a modern, scientifically managed zoo, with … Read more

Bomb Rules in Stratego Board Game

bomb rule in stratego board game

Stratego is a strategy board game created by Dutchman Jacques Johan Mogendorff sometime before 1942 and was originally published in the Netherlands. In 1982, a digital version of the game was also designed under the name “Electronic Stratego.” What makes … Read more

Important Spy Rules in Stratego Board Game

spy rule

Stratego is a strategy board game between two players featuring a 10 × 10 square board. Each player starts with 40 pieces. The pieces in Stratego represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. The overall aim of the game … Read more