List of Important Catan: Seafarers Rules

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Catan: Seafarers, is an updated version of the table game Settlers of Catan. The highlight of this game is the expansion of ships, gold waterways, and the privateer to the game, permitting play between different islands. The theme of the updated version of Seafarers is based on civilization, exploration, nautical, negotiation. The development likewise gives various situations, some of which have custom guidelines.

 In Catan: Seafarer, the player plays a settler colonizing the island of Catan but now in the updated version one can discover and find new islands by building ships. What you do in the updated version is the same as four players and slightly different when you use extensions for five to six players.

With each gameplay, you discover new oceans and Iceland. If you are playing four players you will only need the Catan and seafarers but if you are playing five to six players you will need the Catan extension and seafarers extension to bring something new in the game like the ships and pirate Iceland which makes it more exciting!

Outlook of Catan Seafarers

In Catan Seafarers you compete against fellow settlers, the settlers decide to go on a journey of excitement across the sea and become Seafarers. There are nine different scenarios where one can play. Each scenario is more complex than the other and has different victory conditions so the player will have to cope up with the other player’s mind a lot.

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The game points are usually 14 to 15 and the first player who reaches the island wins the game. The gameplay time of Catan Seafarers is approximately 90 minutes. You will get a scenario booklet along with the box where everything will be explained. Here we are going to see Rules for Catan seafarer.

Important Rules of Catan: Seafarers

1. Frame the pieces

To play Catan Seafarers, you need to frame the pieces. The pieces from every situation record every one of the components expected to play that situation. To amass the frame for a Seafarer’s situation, you need to utilize the six-frame pieces from Catan and the Seafarer’s outline pieces. Playing the six Catan framed pieces, you need to flip the cards.

2. Build ships for traveling one island to another

To make a trip starting with one island then onto the next, you need to assemble ships. You can’t fulfill your yearning to grow with roads alone! The ship pieces in the game don’t address the individual ships, similarly as not addressing the genuine trucks and carts that move along your shipping lanes.

All things considered, the ship pieces address a “shipping route“. This is the course that ships use to exchange and go between the islands. To fabricate a ship, exhaust one to make sails and one wood resource to construct bodies and poles.

In contrast to roads, ships can’t be set between two land hexes. You may just form ships between two ocean hexes (shaping an amphibian course) or between an ocean hex and a land hex (a seaside course). You can not shape a ship along a coast course if there is already a road along that hex side exactly when you create another ship, you may put it connecting any settlement or city you have adequately dependent on the coast.

3. Move ships

When moving ships you must take care of few restrictions:

❏ You can’t move any ship which is a part of a closed shipping lane. Any shipping lane which doesn’t connect your two or more cities is an open lane.

❏ You may move your first ship in an open shipping lane. The first is the ship which is at the end of your open lane. The rule for a new ship applies when you move your ship to another area.

❏ Most importantly, players can move only one ship on their turn. And the ship can’t move on the same turn again on the board.

4. Connect a road to a shipping lane

On the off chance that there is a city at the convergence, you can interface a road to the shipping lane in particular if this condition is fulfilled. Also, assuming you are checking the longest road, you can tally simply the single longest branch road or shipping path.

5. Goldfields: start with a ship

The goldfield is another expansion to Catan! Excited gold miners have found this important mineral in a portion of the goldfields of the islands around Catan. These Goldfields can give numerous chances to the sharp player that can exploit it.

The goldfield hexes address locales wealthy in gold pieces. Gold itself can not be utilized to construct any pieces. Nonetheless, as a vehicle of trade, gold can be truly significant. At whatever point the number on a goldfield hex is moved, players gather resources for every settlement or city there. As ordinary, every settlement is qualified for one resource, while every city is qualified for two resources.

Players who are equipped for resources from a goldfield hex may choose ANY of the five assets (grain, stagger, mineral, square, or downy). They may pick any blend of these resources that they want, up to the furthest reaches of one for every settlement and two for every city adjoining the gold creating hex.

6. Pirate islands

Pirates complete the seafarer game. Before the game starts pirates are placed in the middle of the ocean. The place at which the pirate place all the players must have been agreed on the hex. Pirate affect the game in three ways:

❏ If you are playing soldier development card then you have the choice to moving either robber or the pirate

❏ If you roll a 7 then you can move pirate instead of the robber then you are allowed to steal one random resource of any player who has a ship to that hex.

❏ No new ships can be put on the hex when Pirate is on. What’s more, no ship may be moved away from the Pirate on the off chance that they are on the line of the hex wherein the Pirate is cruising.

Wrapping Up,

Catan seafarers is an educational and award-winning strategy game. It is a game of many miscellaneous scenarios. One version of the game is always more complex than the other. We hope that this article will help you to understand the basic rules of the game.

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