Parcheesi VS Wahoo (Aggravation): Which One Deserve To Be “Brought To Home”?

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Getting stuck in between two of the popular board games is pretty common.  Parcheesi and Wahoo may make you end up in the same. It is a better idea to play any of these board games on a lazy afternoon with your friends or family and make it interesting.

The basic rules of Parcheesi and Wahoo are quite similar as both of those are cross and circle board games. There are some slight differences through which you can choose which one is for you.

Comparing the game plans 

Parcheesi is the American adaptation of an Indian cross and circle board game called pachisi.

Wahoo is a  cross and circle board game that is also referred to as aggravation. This game is more or less similar to Ludo as well.

Method of gaming 

In Parcheesi, Two dice being rolled at a time by each player makes the game different from other cross and circle board games played. This game can be played by two or four players, each player is given four pieces of a single color.

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In wahoo, one single dice having six faces and pointed corners is used to decide the moves of each player. Unlike Parcheesi, In wahoo, round-shaped marbles of four different colors are used by different players.

Distinguishing the partner playing

Parcheesi can be played by four players in two teams sitting alternatively around the board.

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In wahoo, four to six players can play at a time. Also, two players who have opposite starting points can be partners in the game. If you play becoming partners, you can not capture the pieces of your partner. Also once all the pieces of you move into the home, your role helps your partner in moving his Pieces.

Setting up the game

In Parcheesi, the player who rolls the lowest number on the dice starts the game, and then it revolves anticlockwise.

Unlike this, In wahoo, the player who rolls the highest number on the dice goes first.

Moving out of the nest or starting point

In Parcheesi, it requires a five. And the five can come in one single roll or through the sum of two dice rolls. In this game, you have 12 safe spaces out of 68 spaces in total.

But in wahoo, The number popping on the dice should be a 1 or a 6 to move a marble out of the starting point. In wahoo, there are no such things. If your pieces are in safe spaces, your opponent can not capture your pieces.


If you compare the rules, the structure of the board, winning conditions of both the games, Parcheesi and Wahoo turn out to be quite similar games.

  • In both the games, each player has to move their four pieces out of the nest or starting point and then around the board till the point it moves into the home.
  • While setting up the game, to decide the player order, each player has to roll the dice.
  • The winner is the player whose all four pieces or marbles move into the final home faster than other players.
  • In both the games, pieces of one player can capture the pieces of their opponents. If you roll a certain number and move one of your pieces to a place that is already occupied by your opponent, then you capture your opponent’s piece and get some extra reward for the same.
  • Both in Parcheesi and Wahoo, there are certain extra rewards in terms of free moves of spaces when you either capture your opponent’s Pieces or send your own to the final home.

Which suits you the best?

As you are aware of the fact that both the games are similar in terms of important aspects, it is an almost equal amount of fun coming out of both the games.

If you have more than four players, wahoo will be more entertaining for you. Six players playing in three teams is the utmost fun.

If you want to look for a board game that will be easy to play yet fun-filled, you must choose Wahoo over Parcheesi. Because Parcheesi needs a little amount of effort, it is categorized as an average roll and move game while Wahoo is a simple roll and move game.

Bottom line

Keeping the number of players and the mood of playing in mind, choose which board game you should buy or play in your free time.

Board games should be fun-filled, entertaining, and brainstorming as well. Both the games compared above will provide you with all the enjoyment and desire to play it again. The best part of these games is that you can include four to six players at a time which is incomparable.

No matter which one you choose, you should ensure that you play with whole heart and enjoy the game the most.

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