What Are The Rules Of A Robber In Catan?

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In Catan, Robber is a free agent that you can use to steal one of your opponent’s resources. You may choose whether to steal from their current settlement or from the resources that are about to be claimed.

As The Robber robs players of precious resources, the Friendly Robber protects one’s beloved settlements from being robbed. it’s yet one more thanks to adding flavor in any Catan game. It simply adds a further rule, regarding the robber.

The extra rule states that when a”7″ is rolled or a knight card is played, the robber might not be moved to a terrain hex that’s adjacent to a settlement/city of a player who only has 2 victory points. One can easily activate a Robber by just rolling the number seven in turn.

How does the robber work?

Here is the detailed illustration of how the game is to be incepted and relished:

  • At the start of the game, each player draws seven resource cards.
  • Roll the dice and move your robber. What number do you want to move it to? Do you want to shut off all the numbers around the settlement that could have three resources? Or keep it near the middle so your fellow players are just one roll away from getting three resources if they have any adjacent settlements?
  • Players must now choose to either move the robber and block off one of the spaces on the board, or leave it where it is.
  • On each of your turns, you can move the robber pawn to another number on the board.
  • The robber is placed on the space directly in front of the first player, blocking their opponent’s ability to move until their next turn.
  •  You get to decide where to move the robber!

Crucial rules to infer

The game can be further intriguing if certain rules are comprehended,  here are some rules that every player should infer:

  • A player who has too many resources in their hand must either return them to the central stack or discard them.
  • If you have 7 cards in your hand, you must put down all but 3 resource cards if a robber is played.
  • Whenever a player takes an eighth resource or more from the card supply all remaining resources are returned to the appropriate stacks. When a player has eight or more cards in their hand, the game will automatically place a robber token on the starting space of that player.
  • Any player with 7 or more cards must discard half of them. They must not discard it on the table.


The Settlers of Catan is a unique building game. Players compete to build the most successful settlement on the island of Catan. Each players’ objective is to build roads, settlements, cities and develop commodities such as wool, timber, and grain.

The Settlers of Catan provides an excellent environment for players to learn about the intricacies of resource management and trading. The game was designed to be a platform for strategy optimization and is considered by many as the ultimate simulation game.

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