10 Similar Board Games Like Terraforming Mars

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Welcome to the world of space exploration and planetary colonization! If you’re a fan of the strategic gameplay and sci-fi theme of Terraforming Mars, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of other games out there that can offer you a similar experience. 

From epic space battles to complex economic simulations, these games will keep you engaged for hours on end. So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready for an intergalactic adventure as we explore some games like Terraforming Mars!

Factors that make Terraforming Mars unique

Providing the mighty benefits of a board game, from variable player powers to a complex card drafting system, resource management, and a technology tree, Terraforming Mars provides a deeply engaging and strategic gameplay experience that is unparalleled in the board game world. We will explore some of the factors that make Terraforming Mars a truly unique and exceptional game, and suggest some other games that offer a similar experience.

  1. Sci-fi theme: Terraforming Mars has a unique sci-fi theme that sets it apart from many other board games. It’s set in the future, where players are competing to terraform Mars and make it habitable for humans. This theme is not only visually appealing but also provides a backdrop for interesting gameplay mechanics and strategies.
  2. Variable player powers: Each player in Terraforming Mars has a unique corporation with different abilities and starting resources. This creates asymmetrical gameplay and allows players to develop their own unique strategies based on their corporation’s strengths.
  3. Card drafting: The game features a complex card drafting system, where players must choose which cards to play and which to keep in their hands. This allows for a lot of flexibility and adaptability in gameplay, as players can adjust their strategy based on the cards they draw.
  4. Resource management: Terraforming Mars requires careful resource management, as players must balance their resource consumption with their production. This creates a dynamic economy within the game, where players must make strategic decisions about when to invest in resource production and when to use resources to advance their terraforming efforts.
  5. Technology tree: The game features a technology tree that allows players to research and develop new technologies over time. This creates a sense of progression and allows players to unlock new abilities and strategies as the game progresses.

These factors make Terraforming Mars a unique and engaging board game that appeals to both sci-fi and strategy game enthusiasts alike.

Blast off with these epic games like Terraforming Mars

Board game enthusiasts often end up expanding their search for some great games like 7 wonders duel, a Ticket to Ride, Jaipur, and Splendor.  Similarly, here are some great games like Terraforming Mars who wish to have some fun and adventure:

1. Gaia Project

Gaia Project

This is a space-themed strategy board game where players compete to build the most prosperous and advanced civilization, while also interacting with alien species and harnessing the power of the universe. The game features unique faction abilities and variable player powers, and players must carefully balance their resources and technologies to achieve their goals.

The game also introduces the concept of terraforming, where players transform planets into habitable worlds by raising their temperature, increasing their oxygen levels, and building infrastructures.

2. Eclipse


This is a space exploration and conquest game where players build fleets and battle for control of the galaxy. Players must manage resources and technologies to build spaceships, expand their empires, and defend their territory from other players.

The game also features exploration, diplomacy, and alliances, making it a complex and strategic game. Players can customize their ships with different weapons and technologies, and can also research new technologies to gain an advantage over their opponents.

3. Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy

This is a card game where players build and manage a space empire. Players must select and play cards to develop technologies, colonize planets, and produce goods to earn victory points. The game is quick-paced and strategic, with a variety of different cards and strategies to choose from. Players must also balance their resources and technologies to stay ahead of their opponents.

4. Scythe


This board game is set in an alternate history of 1920s Europe, where players compete for resources and territory. Players control factions with unique abilities and work to build their territories, expand their armies, and gain the most victory points.

Scythe is known for its beautiful artwork and high level of player interaction. The game also features an innovative action selection system, where players must carefully plan their actions and anticipate their opponent’s moves.

5. Through the Ages

Through the Ages

This civilization-building game has players lead their societies through different eras of history. Players must manage resources, research technologies, build infrastructure, and wage wars to expand their empires and achieve victory.

Through the Ages is a deep and complex game that rewards strategic planning and long-term thinking. The game also introduces the concept of cultural development, where players can gain victory points by advancing their culture and influencing other civilizations.

6. Dominion


This is a deck-building game where players compete to acquire the most valuable collection of cards. Players start with a small deck of cards and must use their resources to acquire more powerful cards to add to their deck. The game is quick and easy to learn but also rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. The game also features a wide variety of different cards, each with its own unique abilities and interactions.

7. Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy

This is a cooperative game where players work together to prevent the spread of a global pandemic. Players must travel around the world to research and contain outbreaks of the disease while also developing cures. The game is challenging and dynamic, with new challenges and surprises revealed as the game progresses. The game also features an evolving storyline, where players’ actions and decisions affect the outcome of the game.

8. Aeon’s End

Aeon's End

This is a cooperative deck-building game where players battle against powerful monsters. Players must work together to use their resources and abilities to defeat the monsters before they overrun the city. The game is known for its difficult and challenging gameplay, with a wide variety of different monsters and strategies to choose from. The game also introduces the concept of breach magic, where players can open portals to unleash powerful spells.

9. Gloomhaven


This tactical RPG-style board game has players control a party of adventurers exploring a fantasy world. Players must work together to battle monsters, complete quests, and uncover the secrets of the world. Gloomhaven is known for its deep and immersive gameplay, negative item effects with a branching storyline, and many different choices and paths for players to explore.

The game features a unique card-based combat system, where players must carefully choose which cards to play each turn to maximize their effectiveness. Gloomhaven is also notable for its massive size and replayability, with hundreds of hours of gameplay and numerous different characters, enemies, and scenarios to encounter.

10. Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica

This is a fantasy-themed strategy game where players control different factions competing for control of the land. Players must manage resources, build structures, and terraform the landscape to create the most prosperous civilization.

The game is known for its complex and strategic gameplay, with a variety of different factions each with its own unique abilities and play styles. Terra Mystica also features an innovative worker placement mechanic, where players must carefully allocate their workers to different actions each turn.


If you’re a fan of Terraforming Mars and are looking for similar board games that offer a strategic and engaging gameplay experience, then these 10 games are definitely worth checking out. From space-themed games like Gaia Project and Race for the Galaxy to civilization-building games like Through the Ages and Sid Meier’s Civilization, there’s a game for everyone on this list.

Each game offers its own unique blend of mechanics and themes, but all share the same emphasis on resource management, strategic planning, and variable player powers. So, why not try out some of these games and explore the endless possibilities of strategic board gaming?

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