Bomb Rules in Stratego Board Game

bomb rule in stratego board game

Stratego is a strategy board game created by Dutchman Jacques Johan Mogendorff sometime before 1942 and was originally published in the Netherlands. In 1982, a digital version of the game was also designed under the name “Electronic Stratego.” What makes … Read more

What are the Scout Rules in Stratego Board Game?

scout rule

Stratego is a two-player board game requiring strategy and memory. The objective is to be the first player to either capture your opponent’s Flag or all of their mobile pieces. You accomplish this by using your own army pieces to … Read more

Important Spy Rules in Stratego Board Game

spy rule

Stratego is a strategy board game between two players featuring a 10 × 10 square board. Each player starts with 40 pieces. The pieces in Stratego represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. The overall aim of the game … Read more