Top 10 Board games that Physics Enthusiasts will love

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Could there be any entertaining way of assessing the mastery in Physics subject? Many people contemplate having one when their learning does not come out as beautifully as it should be when they take a typical physics test. Coming back to question, yes, there could and there already is – a board game for Physics learning and application!

A lot of emphases have been laid upon the better ways of evaluating Physics learning among the students by researchers. The assessors feel that vomiting of the learned concepts on the paper or simply solving the problem through a set of pre-defined steps is not the true mirror of mastery level. It is restricting the learning about the practical use of Physics and widening the gap between bookish knowledge and applying the subject in real-life situations such as project management.

Though industrial training is used as a medium of helping students learn the practical aspects, still the need for in-classroom practical evaluation is quite evident. This is one of the prime reasons why board games for Physics are catching the attention of both the learners and mentors.

Advantages of board games for beginner Physicists

Various researches stipulate that board games have put the learning process in a better perspective by offering certain advantages, such as:

  • gamification of concepts leading to better engagement
  • motivating people to learn and explore more
  • increase problem-solving abilities using better strategies
  • learning the practical application of Physics concepts in various backdrops used to design board games

– As explained in ‘Board Game in Physics Classes—a Proposal for a New Method of Student Assessment‘, a study by Daniel Dziob

All these advantages must have made you sit up and take notice of the unexplored territory of board games for Physics. So, take the help from this list of board games for Physics to start the exploration process and find the ones that complement your sub-area of Physics the most closely.

Top 10 Interesting Board Games for Physics Enthusiasts

1. Orbital Velocity

Orbital Velocity Board Game

A board game of strategy that involves the elements that offer a practical introduction to the concepts of direction, velocity, and space. You can live your space scientist dream by deploying satellites in the space as a part of the gameplay of this board game. The board game allows you to traverse through space telling you about various hurdles that a scientist has to surpass to make a satellite launching expedition a success. With strategies building and a lot of mental math, players apply easy concepts of Physics and mathematical calculation intelligence in emerging as a winner.

This board game for Physics allows you to internalize concepts of orbits, gravity, satellite life, and others that normally are available only to the space scientists. So, pick the education from where you left minus the pressure of exams; the winning adds to the feeling of achievement too!

2. Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set - 150 Complete Pieces + Free Instruction App (85 Translucent Marbulous Pieces

Friction, force, speed, and acceleration, and the center of mass – all these concepts work collectively behind putting this board game for Physics for children and parents. As a beginner of Physics, you may enjoy seeing all these concepts in action.

When the marbles are dropped from the top and made to travel the path surpassing all the obstacles like curvaceous routes, etc. the combination of gravity, friction and force work, thus, giving you a delightful presentation of these classic Physics concepts.

3. Tabletop Curling Board Game for Basic Physics

Tabletop Curling Board Game for Basic Physics

This board game for Physics is a nice pretext to learn about the objects in motion and the principles working on them. It is a very exciting game easy to play both indoors and outdoors.

The mass, frictional force, and the tendency to stay in rest unless any force applied (Rings the bell?) are the crucial variables that are to be employed to roll the balls to their destined locations. The players have to select a speed and keep the forces, both assistive and resistive in nature, in mind to formulate strategies to win. A perfect game for applying the famous Laws of Motion!

4. Sensible Object Beasts of Balance 

Sensible Object Beasts of Balance - Digital Tabletop Hybrid Family Stacking Game

Every material has a unique shape and that shape has a unique center of mass. This feature works behind the stability of any structure. Architecture is one such branch that needs the principles of Physics to create stable, innovative looking yet robust structures.

So, if you are in this field and want some maverick ideas to adopt from a playful activity, this board game for Physics may interest you. Types of shapes, suspension methods, sticking methods, etc. are to be considered to get a structure that looks good and works great.

5. Einstein Board Game

Einstein Board Game

Einstein is a tile-placement game that tests the spatial awareness of the players. This board game for Physics requires you to put Einstein’s ideas into action to create a singular, magnificent idea.

The design of this game is such that you come to don various hats that Einstein put at various points in his life. How he cracked various secrets of phenomenon and nature around him become the gameplay of this board game. So, you think, strategize, apply and follow Einstein’s teachings and research. You are sure to fall in love with the work of that genius of his times in the process and learn about the relevance of his theories in the current context.

6. Kids Circuit Learning Kit

OSOYOO Science Electricity Experiment Kit for Kids | Parallel Series Circuit Building Learning Project | Energy Problem Solving Set for Students | STEM Physics Science Lab Circuit kit for Girl Boy

Circuit Learning Kits offer the first playful introduction to the concepts of charge, current, the flow of electrons, etc to Physics learners. This kit makes an ideal board game for Physics lovers who are enticed easily by the principles working behind the working of appliances as simple and common as a bulb that they see on a daily basis.

As a player, you will find it interesting to learn ways to build connections and see the result of your efforts presented to you in the form of a mini wind-mill or working of a LED or bulb. The flow of electrons, the concept of parallel, and series circuits can be learned in a practical manner using this game. It offers an engaging indoor as well as outdoor activity.

7. Kitki Space Pirates Fun Science Game 

See your spaceship in motion and understand how it is governed by the three Newton’s Laws of Motion. This board game for Physics enthusiasts offers both the competitive as well as collaborative strategies to experiment with an aim to keep the spaceships in motion.

The spaceship continues to move unless interrupted (First Law), how far it will reach based on the fuel amount available (Second Law), and how collisions will affect the path (Third Law) form the base of the gameplay of this board game. This board game is an engaging presentation of Classics Physics Law from which almost every phenomenon around us emanates.

8. Gravity Warfare

Gravity Warfare Board game

We all have learned about the laws of equilibrium, gravity, motion, and force in our early days as early Physics learners. So, why not revisit that long forgot era of experimenting and learning by playing this board game for Physicists?

It offers an enchanting premise for practical application of Laws of Physics that govern day-to-day activities and events taking place around us. With the help of chopsticks, dice, colorful gems and tech cards, you can create a variety of combinations of structures while ensuring that these do not fall off the equilibrium range. Your dexterity and strategy making skills become your tools and help you emerge winner in this game.

9. Catapult Toy – Home Shooting Game

ButterflyEdufields DIY Wooden Catapult Kit STEM Toys for Kids - Build Your own Weapon Catapult Slingshot vs Arrowball Shooter- War Battle Games da Vinci kit for 5+ Years Boys Girls

A game that you can play even in your office! Yes, that is right. Simply arrange this easy set-up on the table and apply the principles of motion and force to show your catapulting skills. The apparatus contains some vacuum-enabled foam ball pickers that give you an understanding of the concept of suction and pressure.

Moving further, principles of mechanical energy and kinetic energy come into action and enable you to shoot the ball as per the target location. This board game for Physics offers a fun pretext to familiarize the kids, too, with the subject’s basic concepts and their application part.

10. Jenga

Jenga game

Equilibrium achieved by maintaining the center of mass and interaction between axial forces form the working principle of this board game for Physics. You first arrange all the 48 blocks in a manner so that it becomes easy to take out the blocks from the structure.

You continue adding the blocks that you take off at the top of the structure and try to make as tall a tower as possible. To be a winner, you have to avoid its tumbling down. A very engaging game that involves a lot of strategy and thinking and tests your knowledge of concepts of Physics!

Wrapping up,

Fun and learning come together in these board games for Physics that people from all age groups can enjoy equally. These board games are taking the world by storm by their sheer simplicity and intelligence in design. Their proposed application as an assessing tool speaks a lot about how effective these are in testing the practical knowledge of the Physics learners. So, play these games when you want a break from studies or work, you will enjoy every bit of the hour spent playing these!

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