Top 5 Strategic Board Games Like Sequence

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Nothing helps to bond more than playing board games. Ever since time immemorial board games have helped to bring a family together and spent quality time. By being challenged or working together you spent quality time and the bond grows super strong. And one of the most loved board games has been Sequence. 

Sequence is a strategic board game that uses a double deck of cards to use a token that should be arranged five in a row. This game requires a lot of strategic planning and abstract pattern recognition in order to win. But other than Sequence many similar strategic board games can get your brain into gear. So, if you are looking for some alternative, we got you covered. Here is a list of strategic board games like Sequence. 

List of strategic board games like sequence

1. Azul

Plan B Games Azul Board Game Board Games, Multi-Colored, Full Pack

Like Sequence, it is a board game that requires strategic and abstract thinking. A fun alternative to Sequence, you can play it with family and friends. A 2-4 players game, is based on how artistically you and other players lay down the tiles decorating the Royal Palace of Evora. 

The tiles are all high-quality, brightly colored, and hence are attractive and gives a sophisticated touch.

  • Players take turns to draft different color tiles from the stock and lay them over their player board. 
  • You will earn points on how well you lay your tiles and decorate the palace. 
  • You can also earn additional points by making sets or patterns. 
  • If you waste tiles points are cut-off.

Although it requires a bit of critical thinking, the rules are pretty simple and can be played by individuals of any age group. With more practice, its easy master the way of tile laying and earn points to win the game.

2. Tsuro

Calliope games Tsuro Board Game

Tsuro is an award-winning strategic board game thats easy to learn but also requires a bit of effort to progress. The unique feature that differentiates Tsuro from other strategic board games is that it changes with every player. The maze is never-ending and mystery is around every corner.  With high definition 35 path tiles, 1 dragon tile, 8 dragon pawns this game can be played by 2 to 8 players at a time. 

  • The main intention of this game is to keep your token on the board as long as possible. But this becomes a challenge when the board fills up and there are hardly any free spaces. 
  • Each tile has twisted lines which you lay down on your turn to take your token forward. 
  • Tokens that reach the edge or runs into another player’s token are removed, and you lose.
  • Players need to strategically place the token so at to drive other’s tokens to the edge to win. 

3. Patchwork

Lookout Games LK3543, Patchwork Express, Multicolor

This strategic board game is ideal for any individual and is a designer’s heaven. To win, players need to lay down tiles and fabric pieces to make unique and intricate designs of quilts on the board. 

Not all patches will fit perfectly and thus players need to play strategically. You can also purchase patches at the cost buttons and time. To win it requires prior strategy making about incoming buttons and time and also ways to beautifully fill spaces, thus making it a great alternative for Sequence. 

4. Karuba

HABA Karuba - An Addictive Laying Puzzle Game for the Whole Family (Made in Germany)

Karuba designed by Rudiger Dorn won the “Major Fun” award. If you love adventures and have a knack for treasures, then Karuba is your game. A strategical board game that can be played by 2-4 individuals of age 8-99. It is simple to learn and still requires important decisions for the players to win. 

A group of adventurers gets dropped off on an island and sets on the course to retrieve the treasure. It consists of 4 islands, 16 adventurers, 64 crystals, 16 temples, and 144 jungle tiles.

  • Players need to lay the jungle tiles to reach their destination of treasure. 
  • Players who move fast earn more points and thereby have a greater chance of winning. 
  • Players need to lay the tiles to reach an ancient temple to retrieve the treasure. 
  • Based on the setup and the way it is played no two rounds will be the same.

5. Qwirkle 

Qwirkle Board Game

Already well known, Qwirkle is a strategic and abstract board game consisting of 108 wooden blocks with six unique shapes and colors. Players score by building lines of matching shapes or colors. Although it is best for children as it helps to develop strategical thinking skills, it can be played by any age group. 

  • The game starts with every player having six tiles of varying colors and shapes. 
  • Each player needs to place the tiles, close to their previous titles, in straight lines trying to make rows of six without duplicating any design or shape. 
  • After every tile is placed, you can draw new tiles from the stock pool. 
  • The game becomes difficult as the players branch off and the spaces become full. 
  • In the end, the player with the maximum score wins. 

Everyone loves to play a game that is simple yet exerts a bit of challenge, and strategic board games like Sequence always will stand up to these expectations. However, playing it repeatedly will make things a bit monotonous. So, don’t limit yourselves to Sequence only and try some of the above-mentioned games as well to have a similar yet unique experience. 

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