Top 7 Awesome Board Games to Include in a Wedding Event

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Weddings mean guests, food, and a lot of rituals. How about making these fun-filled too? Event planners advise various interesting things to include in a wedding program. Board games have become a new-found passion for wedding organizers. And, they are quite right in including such activities. Because how long will anybody indulge in ‘aahs’ and ‘awws’ while seeing two people getting married? After a point, it all starts becoming monotonous.

Board games and Weddings – What is the deal here?

Thankfully, the activities like board games can help break that monotony in the celebration of togetherness. The board games for wedding reception parties, bridal showers, wedding showers help keep guests amused and curious. These offer some interesting takeaways too, such as:

  • Board games can help check the compatibility among couples
  • These allow the guests to team up to do something interesting and have more fun
  • Board games can be a refreshing guide for the people who have just embarked on the journey of living as a couple
  • Sometimes, board games act as ice breakers and allow even the most introverted guests to come forth and open up.
  • Most importantly, these add a distinct flavor to the wedding celebration allowing guests and hosts to create memories for themselves and relish them forever.

Board games to keep wedding celebration sensational throughout must be chosen with caution. So, we ease the selection process for you and enlist here the best board games that can make any wedding celebration the talk of the town.

Exciting board games to include in a wedding party or any pre-wedding celebration

1. Ginger Ray Build a Memory Wedding Guest Block

Ginger Ray Build a Memory Wedding Guest Block

What a beautiful way to collect blessings and engage the guests too! This board game for wedding guests takes its inspiration from the world-famous stack building game Jenga. The guests come one by one, write their blessings or best wishes or any sweet message for wedded couple on any side of the block, and then arrange it in the stack. This game is all fun, with lots of strategizing, and amazing pretext to let the guests pour out their truest feelings.

The final structure makes a beautiful photograph prop around which the couple and guests can gather and pose. A suitable board game that is possible to conquer only with teamwork and mutual understanding, it is the most quintessential embodiment of the concept of the wedding.

2. Rock Me Archimedes – Balancing Board Game

Rock Me Archimedes - Balancing Board Game

‘We complete each other!’ – Not just say but show it too with this balancing game. This board game or tabletop fun-filled act of balancing can help couples to come close, work as a team, and show how compatible they are with each other. When one is falling low the other cheers up and encourages to come back up.

This game can be played as a part of the wedding reception party where a couple of the hour and the guests can participate. The board of this game can be decorated with a wedding theme in mind when used for the party. Or, couples can choose to include it in their life as weekend fun. It is sure to remind them of the magnificent wedding day that they put together with their loved ones.

3. Bingo Game Cards For Bridal Wedding Shower

Bingo Game Cards For Bridal Wedding Shower

A wedding shower is one of the most important pre-wedding celebrations. It is when the bride receives gifts from her family and friends. How about making this event more exciting by playing a board game with guests?

This Bingo is designed with wedding gifts as its central theme. A little effort is involved as gifts’ pictures are to be cut to fit into the cards’ slots. The guest guesses what is inside the gift wrap. If the guess is correct, the guest gets the chance to put the cutting on the slot.

The winner would be the one who gets five correct guesses placed side by side in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal orientation. Thus, this game adds a lot of zing to the gift opening part and can make the whole party super fun.

4. Spouse-Ology

Spouse-Ology game

A whacky game of guesses! This board game for spouses has become the wedding party’s attraction in recent times. A game jockey asks him or her questions about their better half. Players guess the couple’s answer and win points! This game is a beautiful pretext to demonstrate how deeply couples are into each other.

A game of unmatched compatibility and endless fun, this board game makes the wedding party great fun for one and all. If there are other couples attending the wedding and waiting to get married soon, they can also be put on the hot seats to add more flavor and excitement to the party.

5. Intimacy


A wedding can take place in haste too, sometimes! So, what about knowing your spouse in and out but without bringing in a stressful or suspicious vibe? This board game is a great conversation starter and a perfect way of knowing the better half the better way.

It is designed using hilarious questions, and there is scope for telling past experiences or anecdotes that make anybody’s life’s story, usually. So, find all about the spouse – their fears, their fetishes, and scandals too! This board game can be played at the wedding party to amuse the guests, or even during the date to keep the excitement on and fun freely flowing.

6.  16 Colors Change Cornhole Board Edge and Ring Toss Game

16 Colors Change Cornhole Board Edge and Ring Toss Game

Transform the wedding party site into a tossing game competition and give all your guests a pretext to go back to childhood once again. This party staple brings a lot more fun to weddings and helps create happening memories. You can get couples playing it together to compete for higher scores. This board game can be carried around easily.

It is available in 16 board edges and hole color options, allowing you to match it with the theme color of your party. Thus, if you are looking for an excitement-filled party time with friends and family as a part of wedding celebrations, you can include this board game in your check-list.

7. Wedding Word Search Game

Wedding Word Search Game

Make each table a mini-playground with this wedding word search game. Though the game is available with hints at the bottom of the card, you can make it tougher to crack by hiding the hints. Thus, this tabletop game will keep your guests engaged.

You can announce the winner table after collecting all cards. Be ready for the happening wedding party that is sure to brand you the most entertaining host. With lots of wedding-related words to locate, you can check your knowledge about the rituals and the elements one can commonly find in this moment of togetherness.

Wrapping Up,

Board games have the capacity to engage and amuse people of all ages. That is why they fit a wedding’s atmosphere so well. So, if you want to convert the moment of celebration into something more memorable, you can have board games included in your wedding event’s plan. These allow couples and families to bond well and help make the ambiance a tad more informal.

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