Top 8 Board Games Similar To Chess

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Chess is one game played for hundreds of years and has attracted millions of fans, swarms of devotees, and multitudes of players. Inspired thousands to challenge to reach heights of grandmasters all in the game with 32 pieces traveling around on 64 squares. Chess is a game of intelligence with lots of diversity. All the pieces have their unique movements and the plentiful options for a player’s move; every step needs to be analyzed and overthought. This abstract game minimizes luck and prioritizing skills.

But if you get bored with chess, there are many other alternatives similar to this Board game to enjoy. Here is a list of strategic games which are way easier and also give the feel of chess.

List of Best Chess Alternatives

1. Onitama


Onitama is described as a cut short version of Chess, a quick and easy two-player game; the gameplay is unpredictable and does not need much analysis and overthinking like chess. Also, the game is simple to learn and involves tactical moves to keep your mind active. Hence it is a perfect mind game. Played on a five by five square board with each side having five pieces (one Master and four pawns).

Five tarot-sized cards are taken from a deck of sixteen, these cards have the pattern of movement, and the players move the pawn according to the pattern chosen. The first to either hit the opponent’s Master or place their own Master on the Temple Arch is the Winner.

The game has ever-changing moves like each pawn has a unique chess move; it’s thoughtful and quick. The game lasts for half an hour.

2. Dead of winter

 Dead of winter

Here’s another board game to make your family time a little more special. Dead of winter is a cooperative psychological survival game. It is a themed game, and the players are put into a scenario with an objective; it can be played with 2-5 members. Like Chess, there’s plenty of things going on in Dead of Winter, and you get immersed in the experience.

All Players work together to complete the main objective. Also, each player has a secret objective. The main objective, secret objective, and betrayal are drawn from the deck of cards. The game happens with the world overtaken by a zombie apocalypse; the situation puts forward crises and challenges to test a group of survivors to work together and stay alive. The teams must work hard to hurdle all of the obstacles, and the betrayal is against the colony’s decisions. Only players who complete their secret objective will win.

Having a betrayal in your team, there is much tension going on, and the situation around will need you to make tough decisions as you do in chess.

3. The Resistance

The Resistance

Abstract board game, operatives to complete missions while avoiding enemy spies. The game is played with a deck of cards that decide your character and mission.

It is a thematic, easy, and effortless game to play. In contrast to chess, a team plays a party game with simple rules; it is a role-playing game that is less stressful and brings creativity into a strategy.

Played as Resistance versus the evil Spies, the resistance member carries out missions against the Empire, and the Imperial spies obstruct these missions. It is a fun experience with lots of interaction, insinuations, and of course, backstabbing.

4. Hive

Hive board game

Hive is a turn-based strategy board game for two players. It’s a simple yet so cutthroat, abstract game similar to chess, except that it is played on a limitless grid with hexagonal pieces.

It is fast-paced, as chess puts your minds to the test. The Hive set has 22 pieces, 11 pieces per player, each representing an insect those are Queen Bee, Grasshoppers, Spider, Beetle, ant and each has a different movement – Queen bee is the most valuable piece and is protected by the other insects.

If the Queen gets surrounded by opponent pieces, the game is lost. Unlike in chess, the players have to start with all their pieces in hand, place them on the board, and then move across. It also has varied strategies, and this game can be played in about 10 minutes.

5. Blokus

Blokus board game

Blokus makes it into the list of board games designed for two to four players. The abstract strategic game and a good alternative for Chess. Easy to play, simple rules, and loads of strategy and tactics to pick up along the way. Unlike chess, you don’t need the experience to win but just strategies.

Each player picks a color and turns, placing their 21 pieces on the board from each corner. These pieces are of different shapes, and the players make connections. You can place a piece at the corners of their own color and sides of the opponent’s color; the goal is to fit the most pieces on the board. The one having the least squares pieces outside wins the game. A fantastic game to play and relax with family. It is a rapid game to play with strategy and no overthinking.

6. Patchwork

Patchwork board game
Patchwork board game

Here’s a game designed for two players for head-to-head competition, the strategic nature of chess.

Each patchwork piece takes away buttons and time, and you must pay both of these costs to obtain the piece. Proper strategic decisions need to be made to win this package.

As in Chess, you will need to think a couple of turns ahead towards the end of the game to look at what pieces will end up to you and consider where they will fit on the board.

7. Azul

Azul Board Game

Azul is an interesting abstract tile-placement game with simple rules that are easy to teach, understand and remember. Azul is a tense chess-like game of push-and-pull situation in players. Players have to place tiles on the board; the game has a depth of choices that keep it interesting throughout.

It is a short game, and like chess, it also requires much decision-making that gets your brain firing from the beginning. The game ends for about half an hour itself, but it is filled with some fantastic gameplay. The game rewards players for their thoughtful moves and placements.

8. 7 wonders

7 wonders board game

A perfect pick and pass card game tasked with building civilization. A fun game, like chess, the game is unique with different opponents every time you play. It can be played amongst 2-7 members over three ages or three rounds in each round, and you get a new hand of cards.

The variety of cards makes way for incredible strategy, and every card has a symbol. The card drafting mechanics keep the player dynamic and bring lots of excitement. With the cards your civilization is built, you get Gold coins, commercial structures, make scientific discoveries, and win military victories. A fast-paced, civilization development game. As in chess, you should have a strategy for your play and be conscious of neighbor’s tricks.


Wrapping Up,

After constantly playing chess, the Gameplay becomes monotonous, and it creates a high tense mood. But these are a perfect list of the board games that you can play to relish and enjoy time with family and friends; unlike Chess, these games are shorter and are also strategic that retain the feel of Chess. These games also focus on mechanics like Chess and sometimes have minor luck elements too. There are interesting games with choices and decisions to be made thoughtfully throughout the game.

Next time you think about chessboard, you might want to try one of these instead.

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