Top 8 Travel Board Games for Adults

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Want to satiate your wanderlust without packing your bags? No matter how crazy it may sound, it is now possible with travel board games for adults. The world of board games is tremendously big and vivid. It has something to offer to all the people belonging to different age groups, taste groups, professions, and lifestyles.

Here we talk about the best travel board games for adults, which are the experience-enriched tabletop gaming solutions. These board games allow the players to travel the world and know all about it without leaving the comforts of their homes. Also, some of these can be taken along when traveling to have more fun during the trip.

How and when travel board games prove to be relevant?

Adult life comes with lots of responsibilities. There is work pressure, the pressure of sustaining the self without any external help; and the priciest commodity turns out to be the time when a lot has to fit into the 24 hours of the day.

Just because you are a responsible, self-sufficient adult, or striving to be so, it does not mean that all your desires need to be lock shut with keys thrown away somewhere. There have to be entertaining solutions that help you meet your funny side or live the life that you dream.

Moreover, these games shut your mind to worries and give you a platform to perform, participate, and most importantly, experience the fun and challenges you look forward to when traveling.

Thus, travel board games prove to be a relevant entertainment option when you do not have time to block the dates for holidays; every weekend night can become a travel date with these fun solutions in hand. In addition to playing at home, you can also play some of these board games when you are traveling with family or friends, and add some activity to do when you are restricted in spaces like cars, vans, trailers, or planes.

We’ve curated here some of the most interesting travel board games that have elements of drama, anticipation, trick for survival, and lot more that make them best suited for backpackers and globe-trotters.

Top 8 Engaging Travel Board Games for Adults

1. Radical Road Trip

Radical Road Trip

Road trips are fun, and these can be made more fun with games that you can play easily while in the car. When you are done with loads of photography and pit-stopping and there is still too long a distance to cover, Board Game Radical Road Trip comes to you as your savior. It helps you keep yourself engaged and amused during long traveling. This board game is perfect for families, especially adults, who want some way to bond with their kids but without doing something very childish.

2. 7 Wonders Board Game

7 Wonders Board GAme

7 wonders board game for travel lovers make an exciting weekend fun. The adults can boast of their knowledge about world geography and especially the 7 wonders of the world and win points by applying various strategies. This board game also takes into account your budgeting skills, decision making qualities, and the endeavor of growing the civilization by increasing power and merging more cities together.

The aim is to get 7 wonders built in 3 days making use of cards that perform certain functions. So, you are actually creating a world of your own and bringing all the excitement of being a globe-trotter right at your tabletop. With the help of the correct strategy, the player can turn the fortune into his player and win the race of building 7 wonders before the opponents. It is truly an exciting game and involves a lot of planning and strategizing, and learning wise use of money and resources.

3. Passport To Culture – Travel Edition

Passport To Culture - Travel Edition

This board game is a trivia-based game but played using things you require usually for traveling. There is a passport, currencies and the maps involved to transport you to that simulated trip environment. With the help of questions related to people, culture, places, you can find how well you know the world and what all you absorbed while visiting various places in the world.

The more correct answers you give, the more points you generate; even a wrong answer does something good to you, that is, enhances your learning. The game is good to carry on travel, or you may invite friends over the weekend to have the travel experience in a tabletop setting.

4. Carcassonne Board Game Standard

Carcassonne Board Game Standard

Carcassone involves role-playing and gives the players an insightful introduction of the times that were prevalent in ancient times. You are solving a puzzle and every correct piece added to the jigsaw wins you a meeple and some points to score. Players do a little time traveling in this game and go back to the times when the society had kings, peasants, ministers, and thieves.

According to the roles taken, the gameplay proceeds and gives rewards or punishment to the players as per the acts done by them. This game is an ideal thing to carry on a trip and helps to keep a group engaged when they want to do something interesting during their staying period or in the hours they choose to chill or refresh.

5. Tokaido Board Game

Tokaido Board Game

This board game for travel lovers takes you to the East Sea Road of Japan. It opens the world of opportunities to discover unique marvels spread across this stretch of land. You have to strategize to become the most avid traveler and have the maximum possible experiences that this road trip is designed to offer.

Activities will include meeting new people, trying different cuisines, collecting souvenirs or gifts, and go on a site tour comprising of temples, etc. which are typical to this part of the world. Thus, you can have your dose of Japanese adventure right at the tabletop by playing this game with family and friends. It is sure to enrich your knowledge, which may be of help whenever you plan to visit this most eastern part of the world.

6. Good Guess: A Social Trivia Game

Good Guess: A Social Trivia Game

When you travel to some parts of the world or are living out of your suitcase, you are most likely to absorb a variety of cultures and gain knowledge about people, language, culture, traditions, and so on. Good Guess is a trivia-based game that any travel enthusiast can excel at. It gives challenges like guessing people, dishes, festivals, places, etc. from the hints given.

The player who is most well-versed with the world and its ways is most likely to make the most correct guesses. Thus, this game is your test of knowledge that you gain out of traveling and helps you boast your most wanderlust side with the advantage of winning big scores in return. To top it all, this is an easy-to-carry game that you can play while on a road trip in a car.

7. Ticket To Ride – Play With Alexa

Ticket To Ride - Play With Alexa

North Americal train route becomes the site of action in this game, and you are winning tickets to various trips as a part of the gameplay. This board game for traveling lovers is for train ride enthusiasts who get thrills from the idea of winning free trips, and from winning the chance to explore new routes.

Connecting two faraway cities bring you more additional points, so you have to have bang-on strategies up into your sleeves so that you can give your opponents a run for their chances with your quick thinking. Gameplay that can keep you engaged for about an hour, it is one of the most engaging trips to North American rail routes that come alive on your tabletop and transports you to this amazing journey.

8. Rio Grande Games Airline Europe

Rio Grande Games Airline Europe

Have fun of air travel and hone your business development skills, as well, with this board game that includes competing for the licenses in European air space. You have to bring out the business manager in you and come up with plans to attract investors as a part of the gameplay.

It is your understanding of people, places, business policies, and customer experience that wins you an edge over your competitors. Designed for adults who are into a business based on travel, this board game is sure to test and prove your marketing and business expansion skills too.

Wrapping up,

Travel comes with experiences, and the best way to relive those experiences is available in the form of board games for travel lovers. Look for these games whenever you want a break from your monotonous routine and want to go on a simulated journey where the purpose is as important as the process. These board games for adult travelers are fun and knowledge wrapped together and give you the best of times to enjoy with your friends at home as well as when on a trip.

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