What Are The Negative Item Effects In Gloomhaven?

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Their increasing obsession with gaming has led to the development and enhancement of conventional board games into their customized digital ones. These customized digital editions have further contributed to further game growth and potential. Games like Gloomhaven and their newly added online campaigns and modes have made them very popular and fascinating.

Although Gloomhaven draws quite a curiosity and attention for their action, walk-through storyline, and impressive urge to replay scenarios, there are many aspects of these games that make it a point of fascination and an element of subtleness among them players and users across the globe. The adverse item effects are one of the most crucial prospects of Gloomhaven digital to consider and think about that crosses every player’s mind.

What makes adverse item effects so important? The players have to deal with this aspect very often in the game. 

Negative item effects

Generally, adverse item effects can be termed as add ons or equipment that, when equipped by the player or user, gives them certain disadvantages in competing against their opponent in battles. They can affect the player negatively when provided and sometimes force the players to drop out these items or give them out to opponent players.

In games like Gloomhaven, adverse item effects are crucial in playing these games. Users have experienced vital issues and drawbacks when equipping to these effect-associated items. These items sometimes decrease the attack potential of the player by reducing their attack modifier deck.

In Gloomhaven, item effects appear very specific and prominent about the game’s rules. These different and unhelpful item effects are sometimes vital in causing permanent setbacks to the player when they carry a significant item. Thus, every game player needs to be well versed with the game rules and object add-on rules. They also need to be very specific about how carrying an item can cause a particular effect on their gameplay and scenario completion.

How do item effects affect players?

Gloomhaven contains a variety of items possessing positive and negative effects. But how do you analyze the duration of the particle effects? Especially considering the condition of adverse item effects, players need to be very careful to understand the impacts caused on their gameplay and campaign completion.

Here is a list of some items that carry these adverse item effects:

  1. Chainhood
  2. Chainmail
  3. Crude Chain armor 
  4. Crude Shield
  5. Plate mail
  6. Splintmails
  7. Steel Sabatons
  8. Heavy basinet

The conditions of positive ( strengthen, power) and negative (stun, immobilize, etc.) is a source of confusion to players for a long time. Players need to remember and analyze these impacts, especially the negative ones, to figure out how to control and adjust to these effects.

The duration of effects stated in the rulebook of Gloomhaven depicts that a result or condition lasts until the player’s or the monster’s next turn. The player starts turn with an ongoing situation, the effect gets removed, and the impact lasts until the completion of the turn. For example, if a player’s character fights a monster and the monster the user on its cycle of action, then in case of the players next turn (regardless of that happening in the current process or the following chance), the user would still experience the effect of stun. The effect action then would be terminated after the turn ends.

But, If the player, unfortunately, manages to get stunned on their current turn, then the player must realize that the effects would immediately affect them, i.e., they will get stunned as soon as possible. Furthermore, the player would also suffer from those adverse effects on their next chance in the following round before the product wore off at the end of that player’s available case. The same condition also responds when in the action of other adverse item effects, like decreasing power capability when using a shield reducing armor strength that may disadvantage the character while completing the scenario successfully.

How to control adverse item effects?

Non-positive item effects significantly impact the gameplay and reduce battle modifiers, shield strengths, and combat efficiency by decreasing their item potentials. Although adverse item effects are a disappointing gameplay experience, there are some ways to counter this effect.

The game sometimes provides similar perk options that help the players ignore the adverse item effects. These associated helpful perks are not available in every scenario; instead, they are scenario-specific and open to the players for skipping and utilizing them in counteracting these special effects.

Sometimes, there are positive cards available for adding items to reduce the negative impact on those when used. These cards can maintain hp’s, battle modifiers, and attack options effectively for the player.


Adverse collection effects are sometimes frustrating to the enhanced gameplay experience. These can also cause the player to replay scenarios more often and help them complete the maximum out of the design. Further,  they can also lead the gamer to look for innovative ideas and measures that can benefit their game completion.

Every game has some or other aspect of these adverse effects, but tackling these effects and creatively ignoring them can also improve the player’s gameplay experience. The player also needs to be well versed with the game’s rules to know about the effects and neutralize them.

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